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Getting married and/or having children usually arrives with great joy and a feeling of significant satisfaction. Unfortunately, all too often, the stress of modern day life erodes relationships including relationships sanctified by marriage (either same sex or opposite sex) or relationships involving children where the relationship has not resulted in a marriage or civil union.

Breakdown of a relationship involving children frequently involves four keys areas of failure. These four areas of failure are:

  1. love, amore, attraction;
  2. like, friendship, trust;
  3. finances;
  4. child rearing.

These four building blocks of any relationship act as of the cement that binds a relationship together. The faltering or failure of any of these four pillars may result in the erosion of a relationship to the point where there are irreconcilable differences that may be resolved through the assistance of a qualified therapist or if the damage to these four pillars of a relationship is too great, then frequently the involvement of a qualified domestic relations attorney (divorce lawyer) can be of assistance in the civil, structured and amicable disentanglement of a permanently fractured relationship. This assistance may include the separation of assets, allocation of debt alimony, custody/visitation issues, child support, as well as other related issues such as the need for Orders of Protection from Abuse.

Choosing a divorce lawyer (domestic relations lawyer) is not without a certain level of frustration as well as financial cost. Most divorce lawyers charge a fee for an initial consultation. In the event that a lawyer does not charge a fee for an initial consultation, frequently the consultation is very limited in nature and a client/litigant is left feeling very dissatisfied with the initial meeting with their potential lawyer. Some individuals going through the breakup of a relationship wish to meet with several attorneys in order to select the best attorney available, yet multiple consultations with multiple attorneys usually come with significant additional costs.

Similar to any other profession or vocation, divorce lawyers come in all shapes and sizes. Some individuals would prefer a male verses a female attorney or vis a versa. Some individuals wish to have an attorney that they hear is “aggressive”. Other individuals wish to find a divorce lawyer who is more settlement oriented. In the end, the divorce lawyer that you chose needs to form an attorney/client bond that involves trust, civility and respect.

In order to form a productive and lasting attorney/client relationship, the domestic relations attorneys at Stumpf, Vickers & Sandy, P.A. will make themselves available both before as well as after typical business hours by virtue of providing most clients with an email address, cellular phone number as well as bypass line so that communication/dialogue may take place outside the firm’s business hours.

The domestic relations attorneys at Stumpf, Vickers & Sandy will continuously evaluate your case and make every effort to keep you fully informed as to what decisions are being made, why they are being made and the potential outcome of any decision made at any stage of the litigation process.

It is the belief of Stumpf, Vickers & Sandy that every client is deserving of being fully informed as to all elements of their case at every stage of the settlement and litigation process.


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